Print Styles



Metal prints are the best format for creating rich and reflective color. The luminosity is unmatched by any other format. Metal prints can be produced up to 96" wide x 48" tall. Metal" prints are made in 4 steps:

  • Step 1: A piece of raw aluminum is coated with a layer of polymer—that creates a glossy, white background
  • Step 2: The photograph is printed on a transfer sheet of photographic paper
  • Step 3: The photograph is applied to the aluminum and transferred by a heat of 400-degrees °F
  • Step 4: The metal print is cooled, then backed with a 1.25" black metal frame


Acrylic-plated prints are the premiere format for detailed fine art photography. Their resolution and sharpness is unrivaled. Acrylic prints can be produced up to 96" wide x 43" tall. Acrylic" prints are made of 3 layers, mounted into a single piece:

  • The backing layer is a sheet of aluminum dibond—which gives the artwork its rigid backing

  • The middle layer is the actual photograph—printed on a LexJet Metallic, archival paper stock

  • The top layer is a .25" piece of ultra-clear acrylic—which protects the print and deepens its color



Perfect for custom framing–Fujicolor Crystal Archive Digital Pearl Paper is the industry's best photographic paper for both accurate color reproduction, and long-term stability. Paper prints can be produced up to 80" wide x 40" tall.



Derek McCoy specializes in producing large-scale metal and acrylic-plated prints. If you're interested in owning a limited-edition piece: